Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Random Wanderings

Just a word...a start, to be able to say you began. What would it hurt really, more nonsense expounded on a page like so much other drivel that is slapped down haphazardly without thought or process? Maybe today’s rambling seems brilliant, strikes a familiar chord for the common folk. What a delight to be able to touch so many while trying to please so few.

It’s a free running journal for the sheer purpose of creative expression. It’s a tool meant to clear away the cobwebs, loosen up the thought patterns that are so tightly bolted to the frame. It is designed to entice the muse to throw her arms over her head and go soaring without boundaries, drawing a pattern of colorfully, exploding, incredible word patterns, falling over each other in glee.

What’s the need that is so great that it is stifled easily and released so laboriously? Why isn’t it easier to begin and expound and triumphantly wrap it all up in a stunning bow for everyone’s eager perusal?

It’s been long buried, this gnawing that used to stop me in my tracks and bring me to my knees with the intense need for a writing utensil, just a crayon, a piece of chalk and a cement canvas, anything, just to answer the need.

It’s been many years since that overwhelming feeling of uncontrollable passion has surfaced. It was such an intense experience, and I treasured it as a gift. The flow could not be stemmed, and I was proud to be the conduit.

Just stumbling now, down the path of forced recognition. Did I used to type frenzily on the keyboard with an insatiable desire to free myself of the overwhelming weight of the words? Once upon a time...

And how apropos that that phrase is how it all ends tonight. Where is once upon a time when you really need it? Once upon an evening... Once upon a desperate measure to recreate the flavor and love of the craft. Once.... upon.....a....time. 11:02, to be exact.

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